Perito Moreno Argentina

Tips for visiting the icy Perito Moreno

Visit Los Glaciares National Park, hike on Argentina’s Perito Moreno, one of the world’s most famous glaciers, explore Argentina’s lake aboard a boat, travel Ruta 40, and observe the ice up close aboard a kayak. Patagonia is all this and much more. Experience the days outdoors, exploring the wonders of nature, and then in the evening sit down to dinner at one of the quaint restaurants in El Calafate.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno is 30 km long, about 70 meters high and sinks 110 meters into the water. The ice that we see is like 300 or 400 years old. Advance, up to 20 meters per day. At the same time, it erodes, then equalizes.

El Parque Nacional Los Glaciares is an immense park that covers an area of about 4500 square kilometers and includes places that have become mythical and dreamed of by all travelers, especially mountain enthusiasts.

You will be able to visit, in fact, Lake Argentino which is the largest lake in the country with its 1,446 square kilometers, travel along ruta 40 which is the road that crosses all of Argentina, see Cerro Torre and Fitzroy up close through days of trekking, as well as of course visit Perito Moreno, by car, kayak, on foot and by boat. In short, you can view Perito Moreno from different angles. And if you like horses, I recommend you treat yourself to a nice ride across the steppes of Patagonia.

You can book all these activities directly in the hotel or hostel where you are staying. Consider that some excursions booked from Italy turn out to be much more expensive than booked directly on site. It depends on the exchange rate, inflation, and also the fact that in Argentina if you pay in cash, you often get a discount of up to 25 percent. Read below about my experience at Perito Moreno.

Perito Moreno Argentina

🇦🇷 Perito Moreno, the slow glacier

Then I like the glacier a lot. I like it so much, I have been pinned down for three days in El Calafate. Then again, traveling slowly is perhaps the most beautiful way to travel. Let’s not start with “Blessed are you” though. I am not “blessed,” I have chosen this way of life, prioritizing some things, giving up others. One among them is convenience. I’m used to being uncomfortable now.

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Perito Moreno trekking

The best experience to have on Perito Moreno is to trek the glacier with crampons. You have two options available to you: a long trek called the Big Ice, which requires some training and the hike lasts 12 hours, and a shorter trek called the Mini-Trekking, which still requires some physical preparation but is certainly more affordable than the first option.

I always recommend booking tours directly on the spot, perhaps from the hostel or hotel, which ultimately also live off commissions on tours. In this case, if your days are numbered, you should consider booking your trek from Italy, because directly in El Calafate you may not find availability. When I arrived for example, for the next few days, there was no room and I had to wait. For me it was not a problem because my trip to South America lasted months, but if you care that much, the advice is to book.

There is only one agency that is in charge of organizing excursions on Perito Moreno and it is called Hielo y Aventura. They are really knowledgeable and have been involved in Glacier activities for over 30 years.

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Perito Moreno Kayak Tour

Perito Moreno can be visited in different ways. All tours include “the footbridge,” which is basically a trail that allows you to view the glacier from the ground, walking on a series of wooden scaffolding. So you will always have a chance to take some close-up photographs. In addition, all tours start and end from your hostel or hotel.

The most classic way is to take a boat tour, which is quite comprehensive and allows you to see the glacier from different angles. They call it the “Safari Azul” and it lasts all day. We have seen that the most active way is to discover the glacier through crampon trekking. Another very fun activity, is kayaking. This is an excursion of a few hours, and aboard a kayak that can accommodate two people, you will paddle until you get close to the glacier. This is a group activity, so you will have a guide with you and all the safety equipment to go aboard a kayak. They offer you breakfast and also take pictures, which is very convenient. I recommend it because it is a very nice way to see the glacier from the water.

Perito Moreno weather

The best time to visit Perito Moreno is during the Argentine summer, so from October/November until March/April. Weather conditions in Patagonia change rapidly not only from season to season, but also throughout the day. So my advice is to visit Patagonia when it is warmer, keeping in mind that if you go down to Ushuaia the weather gets even harsher.

Consider that you should always carry a windbreaker that is also waterproof. In addition, it is necessary to have a comforter, perhaps one of those foldable ones. There are those who recommend visiting Perito Moreno, in the afternoon because it is warmer and then you will also be able to see pieces of icebergs falling, hearing the loud sound of the ice falling into the water and witnessing an exciting spectacle. Many tours start in the morning and end in the late afternoon, so you have the whole day to yourself.

Perito Moreno Argentina

Travel insurance

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Perito Moreno location

Perito Moreno is located in Patagonia, southern Argentina and the southernmost point of Latin America. In short, further south than Perito Moreno is Tierra del Fuego and then Antarctica. The Perito Moreno location is ideal if you want to take a trip that includes a few days in the city, specifically in Buenos Aires, from which people often depart to explore Argentina, and a few days in touch with nature.

You could take the opportunity not only to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier, but also to El Chaltén. In the capital of trekking, you can walk a 12-kilometer trail that takes you to Laguna De Los Tres, from which you can admire a spectacular lake and Mount Fitzroy. We are talking about Patagonia Argentina.

Also you can go as far as Chile and visit Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. As for Torres del Paine, if you have a few days available you can think about the W Trek or visit Base Torres in the day. Read the article on how to visit Torres del Paine.

Perito Moreno how to get there

The best way to visit Perito Moreno, is to stay a couple of nights in El Calafate, the town that has become famous precisely because it is the starting point for all excursions. It is a small place, very nice and well-kept where you can rest in the evening, drink a good Malbec and dine in one of the typical Argentine restaurants. There are many hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants, as well as agencies for activities in Los Glaciares National Park.

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