And sim how it works

E-sim for abroad, here's how it works

Are you leaving and don’t know how to stay connected? You have two options. The first is to purchase a local sim as soon as you arrive at your destination. The second, however, is to activate an e-sim already from Italy, so you can use your phone as soon as you land. This solution is advantageous, to reach your hotel or hostel. Thanks to Google Maps you will be able to juggle better and in real time. Another solution is to combine the first and second options. Before you leave, you buy and activate an e-sim from Italy to use for the first two days when you arrive, after which, you buy a local sim.

And foreign sim

In this article I offer you a 5% discount on your e sim for abroad and explain how it works. I use Holafly, I usually activate the virtual sim before I leave, so as soon as I land I don’t have to worry about searching the internet to notify friends and family that I have arrived. It is also easier to arrive at the hostel with an already active sim.

Also because I am not the kind of person who can remember the route by heart. Once I get settled and see a phone store, I buy a local sim, which often definitely has lower costs than the e-sim.

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What are the features of the e sim

  • Unlimited connection
  • As soon as you buy it, you receive the QR code immediately and can activate it right away
  • Easy to set up
  • No subscription
  • No registration
  • Keep your whatsapp number on your cell phone
  • 24-hour customer service
  • You won’t need roaming or WI FI networks

Unlimited Internet to 3G/4GLTE/5G

E-sim Japan

From as little as 6 euros you can buy your e sim for Japan, and as soon as you land you can start getting around safely by public transport. Why do I mention Japan as the first destination? Because it is one of the most difficult destinations to get around without a navigator. So while in other states you might be able to do without, perhaps connecting to a wifi whenever you can and using off-line maps, in Japan it is really impossible.

Click here to see how Holafly works, I remind you that if you buy the eSim from this link you get 5% off immediately. If the discount does not work you can write the discount code ILARIA (My name all in caps).

In the case of Japan where everything is more expensive, you are definitely better off using an e sim for the duration of your trip. Also because it is really complicated to get around in Japan without Google Maps. Of course you can use the GPS without a sim and without a subscription with other types of offline maps, which of course are not as up-to-date as real-time maps. Such as which works very well if you are trekking in the mountains and even if you had an active and working sim, you would not be able to use Google Maps. So I always recommend that you also download an app with offline maps in case of emergency. In Japan it is very rare, if not impossible to find places where the phone does not get reception.

And sim United States

Another place where I recommend getting an e sim is definitely the United States. This is because as soon as you arrive, it is difficult to juggle different phone companies making different offers. So better to arrive in the States already prepared.

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Then if you’re going on an on-the-road trip, you won’t have to worry about looking for the best promotion before you go on your adventure. Click here to get a 5% discount on your e sim to the United States. If the code doesn’t work, you can write the discount code ILARIA (My name all in caps). Also if you still have doubts, please fill out the contact form below.

And sim what is

You can use your Holafly e-sim in all destinations. You can get an e sim for Egypt, an e sim for Morocco, and an e sim for Turkey, just to name a few of the best-selling virtual foreign sims. Holafly covers 183 destinations worldwide. Choose where to go and activate your e sim. Before buying it you need to check that your phone is compatible with an e sim, usually all phones are, but I’ll remind you just in case.

E sim come funziona

eSim for the whole world

Use virtual sim when you travel! You can activate it from Italy, so when you arrive you can use your unlimited data and arrive at the hostel or hostel comfortably. Take advantage of the 5% discount and activate your eSim now with the QR code. You can keep your WhatsApp number and you don’t need a physical sim. If the link doesn’t work, use discount code ILARIA

Buy eSim

Holafly also allows you to activate an e sim for the region you are going to. For example, you are considering a traveling trip between some countries in South America, you can activate the e-sim with unlimited data Latin America. So you can buy an e sim for the geographical area, without having to change sims every time you change countries.

The beauty of the e sim is that it is an environmentally friendly choice: no more packaging, no more papers to sign for activation, and no more physical sims to insert inside the phone every time. I really find it very convenient. I’ll leave you Holafly’s website below so you can take a look at all the destinations and proposals. If you purchase the e sim from this link, you will get a 5% discount and I will also earn a small commission that I will use to continue writing articles on my blog.

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